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ECM solutions require varying degrees of integration with other business systems. In some cases, it is a convenience to avoid double-entry of data and maintaining data integrity. Other times, it is a component critical to the basic problem being solved. Below are some examples of integrations ADV has developed:

• Services to push data from common time and billing systems (e.g. Elite, Prolaw, TABS, Timeslips, Rainmaker, etc) to document and record management systems. This allows users to file information upon accounting approval and enable better adoption of matter-centric implementations.
• A secure web service allowing applications to display records from the underlying repository. For example, a user chooses a given contract number within the contract management system and is presented with a tab containing all pertinent documents within the document management system, all without ever launching a separate application.
• Applications to automate the transfer and printing of medical records between authoring applications and user accessibility applications.
• A secure web service allowing a law firm's key client to directly query documents from the firm's document management system, displaying them directly within the client's application.
• Extended indexing system for documents, where entering one key piece of information results in the automatic, on-screen population of all other fields with data from external databases.
• Integration of wireless bar code scanning in multiple locations, enabling step-by-step tracking of boxes as they move between the user and the specific shelf in the records center.
• Integration of barcode printing solutions, using both web based solutions and desktop barcode solutions.

Integration development is a fine balancing act. Conceptually simple, but unlike conversions, they are key production components which must be highly reliable, robust, and recoverable on an ongoing basis. Estimating the effort can be difficult. Rarely does any one group understand all integrated components in enough detail to anticipate all challenges. That is why, regardless of size or complexity, ADV integrations work to balance your budget with your needs, while never taking risks with your data.