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iManage Work provides a shared environment for storing business content and a system for tracking updates, milestones, and communications. Documents-both paper and electronic-records, e-mail messages, and other media are consolidated in a central library, making them easier to find, share, and reuse. Version control, automated notifications, and advanced search options streamline execution and simplify the handoff among team members. Business users and professionals manage access and security to workspaces, reducing the demands on the IT organization. With iManage Work, you can


iManage Govern enables firms to manage all forms of records: physical, electronic, and e-mail-even those in other systems-from a single policy management and application administration center. Govern automatically creates project folders driven by records policies based on the business process, best practice, or business purpose. Correspondence, work-in-process, and finished work can all have different policies automatically applied. Govern eliminates manual classification and ensures consistent application of organizational policy. Users file documents and e-mail messages as they normally would and use that context to automatically associate a records policy. Records are automatically stored correctly, faster to retrieve, and adhere to regulatory and corporate guidelines. With iManage Govern, you can

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